About us

Stainless Bolts Industries was a well-known the year 1985 with the mutual support of Mr. Brahmanda and GUPTA – IIT Graduate from Delhi. His goal was to bring all together users of Stainless Steel from different fields of industry and educate them, suggesting the correct grade to be used with respect to their applications. The factory provides its service to domestic trading company and main products line has misrepresented from standard parts to automobile parts (over 70%). With the expertise in fastener and the concept of continuous quality improvement, the factory actively serves automobile market and productively audited by renowned sports car brand.
Mr. Pankaj Gupta is now the new CEO of the company. He is armed with Master degree in Business Management and with the industrial experience of 20 years; he is efficiently guiding the company towards aggressive growth, and planning for further expansion into international Markets.